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      Design / Build

Our business began with the focus on the design/build side. We have 20 years of real estate experience, both in remodeling and selling. Specializing in speculative building, we know which direction the markets are moving. We understand what buyers/sellers want and we know how to make your project both appeal to the current buyer in the market as well as the ability to build out any project you have for your current home.

A popular option is the home refresh service we offer which entails both a punch list service as well as advice on sprucing up your current home to get it on the market or simply to provide a cost effecient way to update your home without breaking the bank.


     Realtor Services

With an in house licensed NC Real Estate Broker, we can provide you with full agent services. Both on the buy and sell side, we can actively search the market for your dream home or market your property via the MLS, on-line entities and grassroots marketing which we have cultivated throughout the years. Unique open houses, home staging ideas and market research for investment homes to add to your rental portfolio or to find your next "flip" home are all part of our day to day operations.

In conjunction with our design/build division, we can plan and execute any home refreshing needed to get your home sold as well as work to plan out the design of your new home from providing a punch list estimate to full remodels.

  Equity Management

Equity Management is becoming a large part of our current business. Originally, run with private/in house capital, we now accept outside investors. Its a very simple process offering 2 types of return.

The first being the Profit Participation option and the second being a more traditional percentage agreement.

Our percentage agreements are 8% ROI, paid in quarterly payments of 2%.

Our Profit Participation agreement is based on a per project investment with average returns of 12%+ with the possibilty of multiple projects per year.

We also can manage your current investment portfolio via our realtor services division as well as track new offerings in the portfolio arena.

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